November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Simultaneous translation will be provided for all keynote and breakout sessions.
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Julia Han, Ph.D

COO 首席运营官
Julia is co-founder and COO at Caicloud that provides Kubernetes based toolings and K8s + ML platform for enterprises in production in China since 2015. As the very initial evangelist of Kubernetes in China, she has served as CNCF global ambassador and organized dozens of K8S meetups in various cities in China with over 200000 online and offline attendees. Since mid 2017, Julia leads the K8s i18n project - the Chinese translation project for K8s official website. She also founded and organized the China Kubernetes End User Conference (2017 KEUC) as well as China Cloud Native End User Conference (2018 CEUC) with thousands of attendees and tens of enterprise end users. Julia obtained her Master degree in Information Science and Ph.D degree in Art History from University of Pittsburgh.

Julia是Caicloud的联合创始人兼首席运营官,自2015年起在中国为企业的生产提供基于Kubernetes的工具和K8s + ML平台。作为Kubernetes在中国的最初传播者,她曾担任CNCF全球大使并组织了数十个K8S在中国各个城市举行的聚会,有超过20万名线上和线下与会者。自2017年中期以来,Julia领导K8s i18n项目--K8s官方网站的中文翻译项目。她还成立并组织了中国Kubernetes最终用户大会(2017 KEUC)以及中国云原生终端用户大会(2018 CEUC),该会议汇集了上千名与会者和数十名企业终端用户。Julia在匹兹堡大学获得了信息科学硕士学位和艺术史博士学位。