November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Hongxi Ma

Cloud To Go Inc. Ltd.
CTO 首席技术官
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Hongxi is a technical professional in cloud computing area with solution architecting and product development experiences for more than 10 years.
 Hongxi’s earlier experience in Xen and virtualization was with Oracle as development team lead, later on he became a master for the CloudStack and Xen-family products with Citrix consulting as architect, and then Hongxi focused on the Container technology with Rancher Labs as technical director in China.
 Hongxi now is the co-founder and CTO of Cloud To Go, a China based startup that builds a one-stop, full-stack DevOps platform and service.
 Hongxi has rich experiences in public speaking, once the presenter in Oracle Open World, evangelist and trainer for Citrix domestic and oversea customers, speaker in various online and offline technical meetups.
 Not too long ago, Hongxi was invited and presented in ThoughtWorks Technical Radar Submit for his working done based on Kubernetes.
 Hongxi was honored Microsoft MVP Award in three consecutive years due to his outstanding contribution in technical community, especially the areas of Container, Kubernetes and other open-source technologies.

Hongxi 云计算领域的专业技术人员,拥有逾 10 年的解决方案架构和产品开发经验。

Hongxi 早期参与 Xen 项目,并且是 Oracle 的开发团队领袖,从事虚拟化项目,随后,他成为了 CloudStack 和 Xen-family 产品大师,该产品以 Citrix 咨询为架构,随后,Hongxi 与 Rancher Labs 一道专注于开发容器技术,是 Rancher Labs 中国的技术总监。

现在,Hongxi 是 Cloud To Go 的联合创始人和首席技术官,这是一家中国初创企业,旨在建立一站式、全栈 DevOps 平台和服务。

Hongxi 拥有丰富的公共演讲经验,曾经是 Oracle Open World 的演讲者,是 Citrix 海内外客户的传道官和培训师,曾在多个线上和线下技术聚会演讲。
不久前,Hongxi 受邀出席 ThoughtWorks Technical Radar Submit,分享他在 Kubernetes 所完成项目的经验。

Hongxi 连续三年荣获微软 MVP 奖,表彰其在技术社区卓越的贡献,特别是在容器、 Kubernetes 和其他开源技术领域。