November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Simultaneous translation will be provided for all keynote and breakout sessions.
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Jan-Erik Revsbech

Peytz & Co
CTO 首席技术官
Jan-Erik is a skilled and very experienced developer who, in addition to being CTO at Peytz & Co, is head of the department that develops specialized data-driven solutions at Peytz & Co. From 20 years of experience working with web-development, both at Peytz & Co and earlier as the owner of a successful web agency, Jan-Erik is well versed in what it takes to develop complex, high-performance web applications. Being a certified AWS Associate and a certified Docker Associate, Jan-Erik has extensive knowledge and experience working with cloud-orchestration, containerization, and scalable web application development.

Jan-Erik 既是 Peytz & Cois 的首席技术官,也是一位拥有丰富经验和扎实技术的开发者,他是 Peytz & Co 开发专业的以数据为驱动的解决方案部门的主管人员。Jan-Erik 在网页开发(包括在 Peytz & Co 以及早期成功的网页代理拥有者)拥有 20 年的丰富经验,精通于开发复杂、高性能的网页应用。Jan-Erik 通过了 AWS Associate 和 Docker Associate 认证,在云调配,容器化和扩展网页应用开发上拥有渊博的知识和丰富的经验。