November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Alan Liao

Director of PaaS Product Dept, Cloud Business Unit 华为云 PaaS 服务产品部部长
Liao Zhenqin is the director of general manager of PaaS Produce Dept, Cloud Business Unit in Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. He is responsible for R&D, competitiveness building, and business success in PaaS service products (containers, microservices, middleware, APM, blockchain, etc.) He joined Huawei in 2001, and has served as the software engineer, software manager, managed development and solution for PaaS Product, and now is the Director of PaaS Product Dept.

Zhenqin Liao 是华为技术有限公司云 PaaS 服务产品部总经理。他负责 PaaS 服务产品(容器、微服务、中间件、APM、区块链等)的研发、竞争力构建和业务成功。他于 2001 年加入华为,曾担任软件工程师、软件主管、管理 PaaS 产品的开发和解决方案,现在是 PaaS 产品部部长。