November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Jun Du

Senior Software Engineer 高级软件工程师
Jun Du is Senior Software Engineer at Huawei PaaS team, working on cloud computing, containers orchestration. He is a codebase approver, milestone maintainer, subproject owner and product manager of Kubernetes. The focus of his contributions has been on network and scheduling areas, e.g. he owns IPVS-based in-cluster load balancing and CNI traffic shaping plugin integration with Kubernetes. He joined Huawei since 2016 and has been working on putting Kubernetes in production and resolving the problems and needs of end users. Jun Du is CNCF TOC Contributor.
Jun Du has made some presentations during the past years,
* Speaker on LC3 2018, Beijing
* Speaker on Architecture Optimization and Design Practice Technology Salon for Billion-level High Concurrent Systems 2018, Shenzhen
* Speaker on CNUTCon 2017, Shanghai
* Speaker on CNTC(Cloud Native Technology Conference) 2017, Hangzhou

Jun Du 是华为 PaaS 团队的高级软件工程师,负责云计算、容器编制等工作。他是代码库的审核人员、至关重要的维护人员、子项目负责人以及 Kubernetes 产品经理。他在网络和调度领域作出了卓越贡献,例如:他负责 IPVS 为基础的集群负载平衡,以及运用 Kubernetes 进行 CNI 流量控制连接整合的工作。他在 2016 年加入华为,致力于将 Kubernetes 运用于生产,解决终端用户的问题与需求。去年 Jun Du 已进行多场演讲。
* 2018 年度 LC3 大会演讲嘉宾,北京
* 十亿级高级并发系统的架构设计优化与设计实践技术沙龙演讲嘉宾,深圳
* 2017 年度 CNUTCon 全球运维技术大会演讲嘉宾,上海
* CNTC(云原生技术大会)演讲嘉宾,杭州