November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Michael Russell

Software Engineer, Infrastructure 软件工程师,基础设施
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Michael is an Australian Software Engineer in the infrastructure team at Elastic living in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He spends his days building everything a software company needs to make great software and everything else users need to be successful. He has a passion for building battle hardened infrastructure and loves monitoring and automation. His most recent open source project is kuberwatcher (https://github.com/elastic/kuberwatcher), a tool to generate watcher monitoring alerts based on Kubernetes labels and annotations. He is also working on a personal project called lope (https://github.com/Crazybus/lope) which uses docker to make running development, deployment and testing tooling identically across all environments and operating systems. His next project will hopefully be writing an official Elasticsearch operator to make sure that running stateful applications on Kubernetes is as easy as possible for everyone. He spoke a couple years ago at Kubecon Seattle about the challenges of running Kubernetes as a service for mission critical applications.

Michael是位于荷兰乌得勒支的Elastic基础设施团队的澳大利亚软件工程师。他花了很多时间来构建软件公司制作出色软件所需的一切,以及用户成功所需的一切。他热衷于建立战斗强化的基础设施,喜欢监控和自动化。他最近的开源项目是kuberwatcher(https://github.com/elastic/kuberwatcher),这是一个基于Kubernetes标签和注释生成观察者监控警报的工具。他还在开发一个名为lope(https://github.com/Crazybus/lope)的个人项目,该项目使用docker在所有环境和操作系统中以相同的方式运行开发,部署和测试工具。他的下一个项目有望成为一个官方的Elasticsearch运营商,以确保在Kubernetes上运行有状态的应用程序对每个人来说都尽可能简单。几年前,他在Kubecon Seattle谈到了将Kubernetes作为关键任务应用服务的挑战。

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