November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Simultaneous translation will be provided for all keynote and breakout sessions.
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Rancher Labs
CEO 首席执行官
Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs. Sheng got his Doctor Degree in Computer Science at Yale University. He is the author of JNI, the core component of the Java language J2SE platform, and also led the design and development of JVM. Sheng is known as the Father of CloudStack as he was the founder of cloud.com, and he became the CTO of Citrix after its acquisition of cloud.com in 2011. In 2014, Sheng co-founded the world's leading container management company, Rancher Labs.梁胜,Rancher Labs联合创始人及CEO。耶鲁大学计算机博士,Java语言J2SE平台核心组件JNI的作者,JVM的领导设计与开发者。2008年创建cloud.com,被誉为“CloudStack之父”。2011年cloud.com被Citrix收购,梁胜成为Citrix首位华人CTO。2014年梁胜创立了如今全球领先的容器管理公司Rancher Labs。