November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Shijun Qian

Software Engineer 软件工程师
Shijun (Daniel) Qian works on eBay's cloud team. He has a wide range of interests in many aspects of cloud native computing, mainly focused on monitoring, cluster health management, and networking.
He is also an active open source contributor (github: @danielqsj):
1. Sponsor and maintainer of Prometheus components: kafka-exporter.
2. The top ten contributors to the Kubernetes Ingress-nginx project.
Now, he is working to improve the eBay cluster monitoring system, in order to make cluster management smarter and ultimately self-healing.
Shijun(Daniel)Qian 在易趣(eBay)云团队任职。他对云原生计算多个方面很感兴趣,主要负责监测、集群健康管理与网络工作。
他也积极提供活跃的开源代码 (github: @danielqsj):
1.Prometheus 组件创建者和维护者:kafka-exporter。
2.Kubernetes Ingress-nginx 项目十大贡献者。