November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Thomas Hector

Peytz & Co
Head of Operations 运营经理
Thomas is Head of Operations at Peytz & Co and responsible for hosting all the customers applications. This includes everything from the architectural decision of designing the infrastructure to choosing which types of technologies to use in the specific case.
Thomas has been managing and building high availability systems in nearly 15 years and has hands-on experience with everything from physically setting up hosting facility from scratch, serving millions of end-users and sending more than a petabyte of data each month, to creating microservice infrastructure with kubernetes in cloud providers such as AWS and google.
Thomas isn't particularly fond of the buzzword ""DevOps"" but truly love the mindset and the technologies typically associated with it.

Thomas 是 Peytz & Co 的运营经理,负责托管所有客户应用。包括从设计基础设施的架构决定到选择技术类型到特定案例的使用等一切事宜。
Thomas 在管理和建立高可用性系统上拥有近 15 年的经验,从零开始设立托管设施到服务数百万终端用户和每月发送逾一 PB 的数据,到在诸如 AWS 和谷歌的云提供商使用 kubernetes 去创建微服务基础设施。
Thomas 不大喜欢“运维开发”这一流行词,却真心地爱上其理念和相关技术。