November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Qin Xiao

VP of R&D 研发副总裁
After graduation from Tsinghua University in 2009 with master degree in computer science, Qin Xiao started his career as a software engineer in multiple enterprise-service and mobile-internet corporations (freewheel.tvqingting.fm). Qin Xiao joined Qiniu in 2015 as director of R&D and was in charge of product development of container PaaS and AI PaaS. Qin Xiao joined Caicloud as a technology partner in 2017, is now leading on-permise PaaS product, to help domestic enterprises build advanced PaaS and IT infrastructure and accelerate the progress of digital & intelligent transformation.

肖勤于 2009 年硕士毕业于清华大学计算机系,之后从事企业服务领域和移动互联网的软件研发工作(Freewheel、蜻蜓fm)。2015 年加入七牛云担任研发总监,先后负责通用计算容器平台和人工智能云平台的研发工作。2017 年加入才云科技,担任技术合伙人,推动才云私有云平台产品发展,以赋能本土大型企业和机构落地 PaaS 平台建设,推进企业数字化和智能化转型。