November 13–15, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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Zhiguo Hong

Architect 架构师
ZhiguoHong is now the architect of PaaS division, Tencent Cloud. Before that, he has been associate priciple engineer in storage system at EMC. He also got rich experience in networking technology at Siemens and Nokia-Siemens-Networks.
He used to be an active contributor to Linux Kernel, Hadoop YARN, Spark and kubernetes. He is the holder of 3 patents in networking area. He is focusing on cloud computing and distributed system.

ZhiguoHong 现在是腾讯云 PaaS 部的架构师。此前,他是 EMC 存储系统的副总工程师。在西门子和诺基亚西门子网络公司拥有丰富的网络技术经验。
曾是 Linux 内核、Hadoop YARN、Spark 和 kubernetes 的活跃贡献者。在网络化领域拥有 3 项专利。他专注于研究云计算和分布式系统。